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The Reliability Management Platform for Enterprise

How teams standardize and automate reliability across their organization-one service at a time
  • Improve reliability across your stack
  • Proactively improve reliability
  • Automatically validate resilience to common failures
  • Safely test in production
  • An integral part of your testing framework
  • Confidently run Chaos Engineering experiments

Traditional approaches to reliability aren't working

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Reliability is table stakes, but most approaches to improving reliability at scale are broken. Fixing things faster when they break, and hoping they break less often, is a losing game. Teams driving toward reliability typically have only backward-facing metrics and lack a standards-based approach to improve it.

Reliability needs a strategy: proactive, measureable, built-in and automated.

With Gremlin’s purpose-built reliability management platform, teams can understand and improve reliability proactively–without waiting for incidents. Organizations can easily standardize and automate reliability based on industry best-practices, while accelerating software development and delivery.

Track reliability improvements

Centralize reliability management and reporting. Identify core services and dependencies, proactively test for reliability, track improvements, and see how reliability changes over time

Improve reliability across your stack

Test and improve the reliability of distributed systems across your environment, including cloud platforms, bare metal, containers, and Kubernetes clusters.

Avoid the costs of unreliability

Minimize risks to revenue and brand by testing for weaknesses before they become public outages or force you to decrease velocity and add manual engineering processes.


Improve reliability across your stack

Measure and maintain reliability of infrastructure across an organization consistently–without waiting for an outage–with the Service Reliability Score. Simply define a service, integrate your golden signals, and start running validations to get clear, easy-to-understand score in the UI based on best practices and real-world causes of outages.


Proactively improve reliability

View reliability score trends and actions taken, ignored, or expired for every service and team, so you can drive attention where it’s needed and gain confidence in your organization’s reliability posture and efforts. Increase the efficiency of SRE teams with defined reliability paths and automation.


Automatically validate resilience to common failures

Run pre-built workflows that safely and securely test against real-world issues that can impact performance, uptime, and customer experience. Once services pass the validations, automate them to ensure your systems remain reliable as they change over time. Gremlin has been actively validating systems for the world’s largest banks, retailers, software companies, and more since 2016.


Safely test in production

Prevent tests from running when systems are unstable. Gremlin integrates with the golden signals in your monitoring tool of choice to validate systems are working as expected, and will automatically halt and roll back validations if systems don't meet expected criteria.


An integral part of your testing framework

Define the services you care about and Gremlin will auto-detect all related processes and dependencies, giving you complete systems visibility and helping you uncover any unknowns. Identify, isolate, and validate distributed services no matter where they're running. Track your reliability practice with a full history of all validations of a service, and quickly identify and prioritize services that need attention.


Confidently run Chaos Engineering experiments

Go beyond standardized reliability scoring using Gremlin’s comprehensive fault injection library to see how systems respond to complex failure conditions. Confidently test systems reliability by thoughtfully injecting failure into services, hosts, or containers. Scale the blast radius of an experiment once you're confident in system stability and easily halt experiments should issues arise. Coordinate cross-functional experiments with the built-in GameDay Manager, and push and manage discovered issues directly into Jira.


Supported Platforms

Gremlin is a cloud-native platform that runs in any environment. Gremlin supports all public cloud environments - AWS, Azure, and GCP - and runs on Linux, Windows, containerized environments like Kubernetes, and yes, bare metal too.

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