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Falcon logscale

Log everything, answer anything in real time

Modern log management with streaming observability and affordable Unlimited Plans
Falcon logscale

How Index-Free Works

Enterprises are often deeply intrigued when they learn that Humio can reduce their log management costs by up to 80%. It’s understandable. Many companies struggle to stay within their log management budget. But it is true, thanks to the choices Humio’s founders made when building the modern log management platform. One of those choices in building a modern log management solution was an index-free architecture.

To perform search at scale, traditional log management systems index data as it’s ingested. Indexing streaming data, however, is expensive and slow, as it requires heavy processing and maintenance. For example, maintenance tasks include merging old indexes with new ones, tracking which indexes exist, and fixing corrupted indexes. Naturally, this all adds to the operational overhead of a log management solution.

falcon logscale

Our Advantages

Stream Live Data

Humio is built to ingest and retain streaming data as quickly as it arrives, regardless of volume. Alerts, scripts, and dashboards are updated in real time, and live tail and retained data searches have virtually no latency.

Index-free Design

Humio is index-free, and it works with any structured or unstructured data format. Because you don’t need to define fields upfront, you can ask any question with live or archived data, and experience blazing-fast response.

Lowest TCO at any scale

Humio offers affordable licenses and industry-leading Unlimited Plans. Its advanced compression and use of bucket storage saves up to 70% on compute and storage costs. And Humio deploys in minutes and requires little maintenance.


Enhancing observability through modern log management

Don’t let data ingest limitations hinder your DevOps practices. Humio is a modern log management platform that enhances observability through real-time data ingest, index-free querying of streaming or stored data, industry-leading data compression and live dashboards.

  • Scale to any size
    Stream 1+ petabyte of data per day to achieve complete visibility across DevOps environments
  • Troubleshoot issues faster

    Search log data the moment it arrives in your system with sub-second search latency

  • Save on cost
    Humio’s 5-15x compression rate, S3 bucket storage and index-free architecture slashes hardware costs
  • Get hands-on
    Try Humio Community Edition for free and experience the power of streaming log management at scale. 16GB per day. 7-day retention.


IT and ITOps data observability

Today’s enterprise IT and ITOps organizations rely on the power of Humio to give them visibility into what’s happening with all their data – structured and unstructured. Humio helps them to understand, visualize, and analyze the systems they manage.

  • Log everything
    The Humio Unlimited Plan lets organizations of any size log all their data for one low price. With this level of visibility into applications and systems, organizations have all the data they need to understand what’s happening across complex computing environments.

  • Advanced observability

    Humio empowers IT organizations with real-time observability into all their structured and unstructured production data, On Premise and in the Cloud.

  • Enterprise scale
    Today’s enterprise organizations have multiple terabytes of streaming data available for aggregation. Humio easily aggregates massive amounts of data to instantly identify concerns and threats in complex systems.


Comprehensive visibility for Security Operations

Humio ingests unlimited data at any throughput to provide the full data set needed to detect and respond to any incident. Live searches and real time dashboards cut detection times and blazing fast search empowers threat hunting teams to unleash their curiosity.

  • Log everything, miss nothing
    The Humio Unlimited ingest plan provides cost certainty and provides visibility across the entire environment removing blindspots and increasing confidence in threat detection capabilities.
  • Discover the full kill-chain

    Humio achieves class-leading compression rates on data storage of 5-15X. This coupled with cost-effective storage such as Amazon S3 means customers can run longer retention periods on their data and be confident of having the full history of any incident.

  • Automate detection and response
    Humio’s real time alerts and comprehensive API make it easy to integrate with leading SOAR platforms for efficient and automated response actions
  • Empower threat hunters
    Humio’s blazing-fast search performance and comprehensive query language enable threat hunters to quickly ask any questions about their data, including complex correlation searches across multiple data sources.