Maycyber Technology

MAY Cyber Technology, who have the CMMI Level 3 certificate, produce software with international quality and generally accepted methodologies.By acquiring separate Common Criteria EAL certificates, MAY Cyber Technology product registrations are internationally reliable.The professional service team aim for unconditional customer satisfaction, by specializing in number and quality not employed by any manufacturer.

Scop Vision SIEM

ScopVISION is designed for the purpose of centralizing the log records which are produced by various systems in the information networks and using them at incident investigations. ScopVISION provides a central analysis platform to observe the end user computers, servers, applications and events happening on the databases. By using ScopVISION, security risks on the information systems can be determined instantly. Thanks to the correlation ability of ScopVISION which works on the collected data, regular examinations are automatized, warnings are generated, and related experts are informed. This way, possible incidents are predefined and can be prevented.

Scop NET

ScopNET is a NAC solution that prevents unauthorized access to data networks and identifies malware with advanced threat analysis.Scopnet is a solution capable of working with all independent brand and model network devices in order to prevent unauthorized devices from being incorporated into the corporate network. The auditor can perform his/her duties without using the 802.1x protocol and can manage 802.1x operations using the ScopNET Radius architecture.

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You can access the ScopVISION document from the link below.

Document Download

You can access the scopNET document from the link below.