The bus platform Dataspin;

It provides control, protection and masking of data with vital control settings on a single platform. In addition to security and auditing, it is also a static and dynamic masking tool; It allows you to ensure the protection, reorganization and protection of personal data. Arrangements for personal data management; especially KVKK, It complies with global practice such as GDPR, CCPA.

Discovering, protecting sensitive data and providing all of them on a single platform.
Securing databases and application-related data without code changes.
Making production and non-production applications ready for KVKK, GDPR and CCPA.
Detect and protect sensitive data by integrating sensitive data discovery, data masking, data activity monitoring and user behavior analysis.
To provide a compatible platform with reporting and management capabilities for privacy regulations. (GDPR, CCPA, PCI etc.)

It offers a scalable and easy-to-use platform to manage privacy in institutions and companies. Thanks to the functional structure it offers through a single interface, it can be easily integrated into systems, thus providing full protection for sensitive data.

PostgreSQL Hive Impala

Key Features

Flexible Logging and Reporting

24/7 detection and reporting of sensitive data with behavioral analysis. Maintaining data inventories and masking logs of who accessed where, how and when.

Fast Data Masking

Acting as a bridge between users and database. Safe storage of vital sensitive data, detection and reporting of possible threats.

Easy Data Discovery

Easy discovery of where KVKK data is and how long it has been stored. Periodic reporting of regularly determined data.

Functional Structure

Scanning, classifying and categorizing the database for detecting data in the system, supporting multiple databases (Oracle, SQL/NoSQL) and security, auditing and masking rules.

Dataspin Solutions

Dynamic and Static Data Masking

• By integrating Dataspin into your system, you can easily protect your sensitive data.
• You can ensure full security of your data with dynamic data masking.
• You can detect potential threats from the front.

Data Discovery

• Perform a comprehensive scan through your system files and database.
• Discover your sensitive data and get instant reports.
• Use ready-made or customizable filters on your variable data types.

Database Monitor and Audit

• Get information about who accessed where, when and how.
• Provide continuous monitoring and recording of specific database activity.
• Allow logging on multiple relational and non-relational databases.

Database Firewall

• Provide enhanced security at the application level.
• Provide masking in business applications and databases.
• Determine what data needs to be protected.

Data Privacy Manager

• Manage your company's data according to your data policies.
• Generate reports about the threats you detect.
• Instantly detect and prevent unauthorized access.

Document Download

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